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Acacia Tree Angel, Snowman, Candycane
Acacia TreeAngel, Snowman, Candycane





Bamboo Bulrush Stencil BlueBirds
Bamboo Bulrush StencilBlueBirds

Bamboo Bulrush

Birds in flight



Buck, Bear, Squirrel Bulrush, Sun/Moon, Dragonfly
Buck, Bear, SquirrelBulrush, Sun/Moon, Dragonfly

Buck, Bear, Squirrel




Christmas Tree Coyote, Evergreen tree, Eagle
Christmas TreeCoyote, Evergreen tree, Eagle

Christmas or Forest Tree

Coyote, Evergreen Tree, Eagle



Daisy 3 sizes Deer Stand
Daisy 3 sizesDeer Stand

Daisy 3 sizes with stem




Herons and Duck Two Eagles with Branch
Herons and DuckTwo Eagles with Branch

3 assorted flying herons 1 floating duck





Wolf, Rock, Eagle, Sun/moon/stars, Grass Fairlady
Wolf, Rock, Eagle, Sun/moon/stars, GrassFairlady





Horse & Warrior Mermaid Stand
Horse & WarriorMermaid Stand





More than Fused - DVD by Roz Stanton Seahorse
More than Fused - DVD by Roz StantonSeahorse





Acacia Tree Stand
Acacia Tree Stand



 We hope you have been inspired to add aluminum metal art to your creative glass art.

 If you have any feedback or suggestions please contact me at fuseglassmetalart@gmail.com